Yes We Can Mitigate America

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mitigate America! Sign the National Petition Below...

The National Petition 101 | Mitigate America supports legislation to make sure that homes, schools, public buildings are adequately vented from environmental toxins as well as radiation from electromagentic (EMF) sources such as wireless technologies, in particular, are filtered. Research documents that such toxins are contributing to autism, cancers, heart, lung and neuromuscular diseases in America. In fact, 25 hours of exposure to some frequenices of wireless transmissions is the same as taking 1600 x-rays in one week. Jared Law for Schools is mandating mitigation in many school districts. Help us SAVE OUR FAMILIES! CLICK, READ, AND SIGN. . . this PETITION TODAY! Invite your friends on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc to sign to. Yes we can do this!

Safe Green Schools Mitigation Programs Help to Make Schools Healthy and Fun

The EPA and USA TODAY Newspaper are reporting that many schools in America have toxic indoor air. The Jared Law mandates mitigation of schools in many states to resolve this problem. Click on this link to find out more.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Thank you Jason and Mark for visiting our Greenspace Living Laboratory on behalf of the Obama Administration, and supporting the inking of this petition. Blessings to U! (;-), Dr _A_

America's Governors and Mayors Proclaim May 2009 as MCS and EMF Sensitivity Awareness Month

Yes!... the national momentum is gaining! Keep up the good work everybody!